Information for Judges 


Our judging criteria, application and lists can be found here. Our lists will be updated on a regular basis, so come back regularly to check the updated lists.


Applying to judge

There are two routes to becoming a judge, although the Judges Education Program will become the only route after the end of the transition period on 1st January 2026.<1>  Information and applications for both routes are below.


NBTC Judging Criteria (Traditional route)

NBTC Judging Criteria 2023


Judging application traditional route

(This route is due to expire 31/12/25)


The Kennel Club Judges Education Program (JEP)

Kennel Club : Judging Dog Shows


Judging application (JEP)


Please submit completed Judging applications via email to :-


NBTC Judges list 2023

Due to GDPR available on request via :-


<1> Information as per KC press release 1 May 2020