The committee is elected each year at the Club’s AGM. People need to be proposed and seconded by members to be considered for each role, before the votes are turned over to our members to elect who they want to serve for the upcoming year.


For the year 2017/2018 the committee is as follows:


President: Mrs J Plac

Chair: Dave Bumford (Davebos)

Vice Chair: Steve Webb (Bojacste)

Secretary: Clark Fahey (Zoomeera) [email Clark]

Treasurer: Rosemary Rostron-Parker (Rosparquier)


Committee members:

  • Dave Bumford
  • Mitzi Holt
  • Elizabeth Rankin
  • Margaret Wildman
  • Jackie Webb
  • Colin Hartley
  • Chelsey Harrison
  • Vicky Schfaild 
  • Yvonne Hale
  • Dawn Rathmell (Co-opted)
  • Lisa Batty (Co-opted)
  • Bron Ward (Co-opted)
  • Terry Burgess (Co-opted)

The Northern Boston Terrier Club of England's next AGM will be held in March 2018. Nomination forms for next year's committee will be sent to all members.